Bio Brake is a highway restroom management company. We staff partner restrooms with attendants during open hours. Restrooms are always clean, sanitized, and stocked with supplies for your convenience.

When you need a "bio break", watch for a Bio Brake managed service station. Partner service stations are clearly marked with billboards and highway signs. Take your break in comfort, fuel up, get a snack, and be on your way. You can also download our smart phone App to locate Bio Brake managed restrooms along your route.
Jobs With Bio Brake

Bio Brake is always in need of restroom attendants. If you're interested in taking some shifts as an attendant, visit the Jobs pages from the navigation menu and search for jobs in your area. Come back often as we are adding more restrooms to our list every day.

Note that we have very high quality and professionalism standards for attendants. We expect you to dress professionally, adhere to our cleanliness standards, and follow our strict courtesy guidelines when interacting with restroom visitors. If you are selected for a shift, you will receive our policy manual to review.