Bio Brake is always looking for attendants for their managed restrooms. If you're interested in being an attendant in your area, you need to register with us and then bid on open time slots. Once registered, here is the procedure you should follow to bid on open shifts.
1) Login to Bio Brake with your User/Password

2) Search & Bid on open shifts in your area
- note you will only see the general area, not the exact address, until you are
  assigned the shift

3) Wait for a Bio Brake representative to contact you
- if you are not assigned the shift, you may not be contacted

4) If you are assigned the shift(s) you bid on
- you will receive instructions via email from a Bio Brake representative
- you need to be sure you arrive on time for your shift
- if you do not arrive on time, you will be removed from the BIo Brake platform

5) After you have completed your shift(s), you will be paid the following week
- provided there were no complaints about your services
- most common complaints are unprofessionalism, improper dress, bothersome
  to customers

NOTE: You will be paid as an independent contractor. You are not an employee of Bio Brake and thus there are no benefits available and we do not withhold taxes from your pay.

NOTE: Bio Brake has very high quality and professionalism standards for attendants. We expect you to dress professionally, adhere to our cleanliness standards, and follow our courtesy guidelines when interacting with restroom visitors. If you are selected for a shift, you will receive our policy manual to review